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All our Pupies come with Limited AKC Registration or full AKC Registration for $250 more upon request.

We Go By a First Deposit Comes first policy. We can not hold a puppy without a deposit.

We can ship a puppy to any major airport for $350. Our puppies are not from a kennel and are given tons of love and attention by our small little family so they come to your home adapted to being held.

They come with:

Tails Docked

Dew Claws Removed

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sales Agreement

Sales Agreement/Contract
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Sex: __________ Date of Birth:
Dam: Belle Sire: Muggzy
AKC # RN15892501 AKC # RN14232005
Date of Sale:

Important: PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE AGREEMENT. To honor this guarantee, our puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian no later than 3 business days from date of receipt of puppy. Puppy is given a 7-day health warranty and a 1 year genetic health guarantee. Seller is under no obligation to honor warranty/guarantee if this puppy has not been seen by a licensed veterinarian within said time of 3 business days of delivery date. SELLER/BREEDER ASSUME’S NO LIABILITY FOR ANY EXPENSE INCURRED BY PURCHASER, whether vet charges or any other expenses.

If a licensed veterinarian finds a life threatening congenital health defect in your puppy, you must provide the BREEDER with a written assessment from a licensed vet stating in what respect the dog is unhealthy along with the address and phone number of the vet’s office that provided the assessment. If any life-threatening congenital disorder has been determined by the vet, the seller holds the rights to have a veterinarian of seller’s choice provide a second opinion of assessment. If puppy has died the seller has the right to request an autopsy to be done, at buyer’s expense, to determine the cause of death.

If a congenital health issue is determined, the dog will be replaced at the earliest availability with a dog of equal quality and value. If a puppy of a higher value is chosen, buyer must pay the difference. We do not offer refunds on money paid. This health guarantee does not include hypoglycemia, worms or coccidian. These are common occurrences found in puppies that can be treated.

Vaccinations: Your puppy will receive its first set of vaccinations before leaving the Breeder/Seller’s care – it is the responsibility of the Buyer to continue vaccinations and other preventative care of the puppy after delivery/pickup.

AKC Registration: This puppy is sold with limited AKC registration.

Ear Cropping: We do not offer ear cropping. There will be no health guarantees due to complications and or death of puppy as a result of ear cropping.

Dew Claws & Tail docking: Dew claws will be removed and tails docked at three days old.

Care and Diet: The Puppy has been feed high quality dog food and will be delivered with a sample of the dog food it has been eating – if the buyer decides to change the type of food the puppy will be fed this should be done gradually so as not to cause digestion problems. Also, love is very important for puppies but so is rest and food especially in the early developmental stages.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee Adult Size, Color, Fertility, Trainability, Confirmation or Disposition of puppies.

If for any reason, at ANY point in time, you are no longer able to keep this puppy please call us. If we are not able to take this puppy back we are more than happy to assist you in placing it in a new home. Purchaser agrees to NEVER surrender this dog to a Shelter/Kennel and agrees to give breeder first opportunity to take ownership.

Purchaser’s Signature __________________________________________Date:_______

Purchaser’s Name (Printed) _____________________________________

Purchaser’s Address___________________________________________

Phone Number________________________________________________

Email Address________________________________________________

Deposit Paid to Seller/Breeder:
Date Paid:

Remainder due upon receipt of puppy:
If paid on delivery or pickup it must be paid in Cash/Money Order/Pay-Pal

Seller’s Signature:_____________________________________________Date:_______

Purchase Terms:
Deposits – In order to reserve a puppy you must pay a $300 deposit. Deposits are not valid until the funds are received by the Breeder. (Breeder prefers PayPal but will accept Money orders or other methods of payment upon approval). Puppies will not be held without payment of a deposit. If something happens to your reserved puppy before delivery/pickup you will be given the option of reserving another puppy or receiving a refund of your deposit. Deposits will ONLY be refunded if the puppy is not healthy for sale – Deposits will NOT be refunded if Buyer chooses not to pursue the purchase of a puppy after making a deposit. The deposit may be carried forward for the purchase of a puppy from a future litter up to TWO years from deposit date after which the deposit is the sole property of the Breeder and will not be refunded.

Final Payment – Full payment is due prior to your receipt of your puppy (if you are picking up your puppy in person payment will be required in cash – NO PERSONAL CHECKS)